We offer a free 3-day trial – if the tool suddenly stopped working then your trial is probably ended. If you attempt to use the tool when the trial is expired the DropShip N Paste button should turn red and clicking it should take you to a page explaining that.

You can purchase the extension here

We encourage you to purchase the tool – if after 3 weeks you feel like it is not doing what you need shoot us a email and explain why. We will make sure you are satisfied!

Absolutely not! There are tools that ask you to enter your Amazon, eBay or other account information. Even if you trust the company there is always the risk that the data is stored insecurely and could be compromised. We never ask for, save or use your information.

Nothing Dropship N Paste does is recorded by us, so you can rest easy.

Be very wary of any tool asking you for your account information. Some of these companies harvest your listing info to compete with you, others save your email to market to you, and others simply store it where it could become compromised.

Let’s make this really simple.  You can set specific copy and paste shortcuts for DropShipNPaste by entering chrome://extensions/ into your address bar. These shortcuts will only work at a supported Order Management or Supplier site 

You can use CTRL + C or RIGHT CLICK and COPY any address from inside or outside of Chrome, address should be in in the following format:

John Doe
459 Elmshaven Ave
Willowbrook, CT 10893

Then you can paste it into a supplier website using either the (now) green clipboard icon at the top right of your Chrome page or by using your Paste keyboard shortcut assigned for DropShipNPaste

Can I use CTRL + V or RIGHT CLICK and PASTE at a Dropship Supplier Checkout?
No you cannot, the reason is we have CTRL +V assigned as your secondary paste. So you can copy a address AND another item without having to paste your address first. So you have to use the assigned keyboard shortcut for DropshipNPaste for pasting or use the green clipboard icon at the top of Chrome to paste a address. Then you can use CTRL + V to paste your secondary item, i.e. credit card, gift message etc.

Yes we support copying from both Amazon SellerCentral and Ebay Orders as well as a number of Order Management software. Check out our list of supported suppliers and order management software here 

There will be copy buttons that will appear at the eBay sales order page and Amazon Seller Central order page after you install our extension. This button will allow you to copy a address in one click without selecting it. In most cases you can also select and copy the address by hand as well but why would you want to do that?

We developed this tool for our business so we have spent hours analyzing and building and rebuilding to create as fool-proof a tool as possible.   We do recommend that you double check quickly the address that is pasted to ensure it is correct. While we are confident we have taken precautions to ensure everything is as accurate as possible if a supplier or order management suddenly change their website it could make part of the address not copy or paste properly.  We have implemented fail-safes to help prevent this and we have done extensive testing and beta testing to ensure it is working as near perfectly as possible.

If you do notice a bug or something isn’t working quite right let us know here – we will take care of it!

With DropShipNPaste you can copy a address AND something else at the same time. Simply copy the address either using the copy button (at a supported site), DropshipShipNPaste keyboard shortcut or by selecting the address and copying it. Then copy your second item using RIGHT CLICK and COPY or CTRL + C. You will then be able to paste your address into a supported website and then you can paste your second item using CTRL + V or RIGHT CLICK and PASTE.

This is great for copying secondary information such as credit card, email, gift message etc.

Our list is huge and we are adding suppliers as frequently as we can however we don’t know what you need unless you tell us, so please shoot us a email and tell us what supplier or website you’d like support added for, either a copy button injected or to paste into. We built this to benefit you so help us do that 🙂

Shoot, that is not what we want to hear. So let’s try and figure out what is going on. First of all please check the following link to see if the site you are pasting into is a supported dropship site –

Please check that you are using the latest version, you can compare the latest update version here:

To your local version here: chrome://extensions/

Chrome will automatically push updates to your browser but it is not immediate and may take several hours. You can uninstall and reinstall the app to get the latest version if you don’t want to wait.

If you have the latest version and it still isn’t working please ensure you are logged into both Chrome and Google with the same email you used when purchasing the app from the Chrome store. If you try to use a different email it will not work.

Works but supplier is not pasting?
If the supplier you are using is on the list as supported and working please shoot us a email through our contact page and provide the following information:

Where are you copying from?

Copy from that location again and send it to us as it pastes exactly

Where are you trying to paste to? What is the site you are pasting into?

Is the icon greyed out or green when you try and paste?

What is not working? Is it completely not working or is it partially not working

Once we have this information we will provide a solution asap

I Paid but it Stopped Working!
Sometimes after the trial expires and a user pays there is a delay while Chrome Web Store validates your payment. This can take up to a hr but usually only takes 5-15 mins. If more than an hr has elapsed and the app is still not working try uninstalling and reinstalling the extension. If it is still not working, drop us a line and we will figure it out!

dropshipNPaste works in two ways.

#1. It natively supports copying any address from inside or outside of Chrome. The catch is that obviously due to formatting the tool cannot work 100% this way. However, we have and continue to work to make it as good as possible natively. Meaning if you copy a address from notepad we want it to be able to be recognized. The best format for a address to be copied in is line-addresses. i.e.

Recipient Name
678 Miller Ave
WestCott, CT 45678

#2. We have also added Copy buttons injected into Amazon Seller Central, eBay orders, Inkfrog (ebay order management tool) and Appath (amazon and ebay order management tool) – these copy buttons are injected next to the shipping address. For sites supported by this feature you only have to click the copy button, you don’t even have to select the address.

So that is how the copying works. To paste you checkout at a supported supplier (see list here, its huge), once at the form to enter shipping address this icon  located in the top right hand corner of Chrome will turn green – when it is green it means you are on a page that is supported for pasting a address. Simply click that button and it will paste the address into the correct fields.

It is a Chrome Extension that increases efficiency and productivity in the process of dropshipping orders by semi-automating the ordering process. This tool was developed by former successful dropshippers and is designed to help you be more successful by freeing up time for you to spend adding more listings and ultimately increasing profit.