This tool was designed with dropshippers in mind although it does support USPS, Paypal Shipping, UPS and Fedex as well. So what does it do? DropshipNPaste allows you to copy a complete shipping address as one block of text and with one click paste it into the correct fields on your suppliers checkout page or at your carriers label page. No more copying and pasting each part of the address separately, going to the checkout tab, pasting then going back and forth. Instead you can save time by semi-automating the process.


SmartCopy – Smartcopy allows you to copy any address from anywhere inside chrome or outside of Chrome as long as the address is formatted in a correct format. The tool can recognize a number of formats but the best format is:

Recipient Name
476 Elm Ave
Lexington, KY 45634

This means that while no system is perfect and there are unsupported formats, our system does attempt to analyze the copy and figure out if it is a address and how to identify each part. This adds native support for some copying outside of Chrome that you would not be able to do with any other Chrome Extension.

Injected Copy Buttons – For eBay Orders, Amazon SellerCentral as well as Appath, InkFrog and MORE! We have created copy buttons which will appear on the order page next to the shipping address. So instead of having to select the address by hand the copy button does it all in one click. Please see list of supported suppliers and order management platforms below. NOTE: We are happy to code support in for your Order Management software. Just shoot us a email with the software you are using and we will help make it work for you.  Our tool natively works with many order management sites. Try it by copying a shipping address from your order management software and attempt to paste it into a supported suppliers checkout (see below). If yours is not working please shoot us a email and we will add it. Even if you use a custom system we may be able to add support for it. But at this time eBay, Amazon, Appath and InkFrog are 100% supported with Copy buttons. Full list is at bottom of page.

Copy Twice – We have created a feature that allows you to copy a address and then copy something else without first pasting the address. This is great for if you want to copy your email or Credit Card # or a phone number for a site that doesn’t support phone pasting. To use this feature simply copy a address and then you can immediately copy something else.
Once at the supplier’s website click the dropshipNPaste button (or use the keyboard shortcut)  and then you can paste your second copy wherever you need it using normal paste (CTRL +V or right click). Keep in mind this only works for copying a address and something else. You can’t copy two addresses or two regular copies. You also must be copying a valid address for this to work. This should work flawlessly with the supported sites below. If you have any questions shoot us a email

Keyboard Shortcuts – If you are anything like me you are always looking for ways to save time. That is why I built this app, to save myself time! One great way to save time is using keyboard shortcuts rather than always using the mouse. Mice such as Razer Nagas can be a very handy tool however you can simply use your keyboard to quickly Copy and Paste addresses using our tool. Add/edit keyboard shortcuts at your Chrome Extensions page (chrome://extensions/) at the bottom of the page click Keyboard Shortcuts. Do NOT over-ride CTRL + C or CTRL + SHIFT + C- Chrome uses both of these and it will not work. CTRL + SHIFT + 3 is a good choice

Use the DropShipNPaste keyboard shortcut to copy addresses from sites on the supported list at the bottom of this page and use CTRL + C to copy additional items, for instance your credit card number and it will not affect the copied address. Use your keyboard shortcut for DropShipNPaste Paste action (or click the green clipboard button on your Chrome menu) to paste address at a supported supplier website (see below) and then use CTRL + V to paste your secondary item copied, for instance the Credit Card number.

Supported Dropship Suppliers – paste support – we currently support over 80 Suppliers!!!!
(If your supplier is not listed below shoot us a email with the name and url of your supplier. We can add support for most suppliers within 36 hrs. If any one of the following suppliers is broken either fully or partially shoot us a email and let us know please. If it is already listed as a known bug let us know you need the support and we will amp up our efforts on resolving it)

Supplier/Paste Location Status (last checked) Guest Checkout? Member Checkout? Notes
Abebooks.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
Ace Hardware 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
Acme Tools 75% Support (10/11/2019) Yes No (updating member checkout)
Adorama.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes Brave browser has a bug with state and city. This is unrelated to us.
Amazon.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) N/A – No Guest Checkout Yes Works with both multi-addresses Amazon uses now. Supports Address Book and Checkout adding address
Amazon.ca 100% Support N/A – No Guest Checkout Yes
Academy Sports (Academy.com) 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
AliExpress (AliExpress.com) 95% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes (Full-page checkout) Full-page checkout supported except state. We are rolling out a fix for this and will support the popup checkout in a few days when we update
BangGood 95% Support (10/11/2019) N/A – No Guest Checkout Yes State is not currently working, rest of address will fill in correctly just select state and continue
State WILL WORK perfectly if you checkout with paypal.
Next update will fix this too!
Barnes and Noble 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes Can’t test anymore because the site is so buggy we can’t load the checkout. Let us know if it stops working for you!
BedBathandBeyond 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
BestBuy 0% Support (10/11/2019) No No Temporarily not working. Will be fixed in next update in a few days.
BeautyBar.com 100% Support No Guest Checkout Yes Choose add new address and paste. Site appears to be down
BeyondStores.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
BH Photo(BHphotovideo.com) 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
Biblio 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes Click DropshipNPaste button twice so that state fills.
BigLots 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes Address pasted may look weird as it overlaps placeholder text. Just continue and it will be fine.
Boxed.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) No Guest Checkout Yes
Bjs.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) No Guest Checkout Yes
Blains(FarmandFleet.com) 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes Because of the way Blains uses zip to ID city and state when we inject the shipping address into checkout it will still show the old city/state from before. NOTE: Just click “Ship to this address” and it will change it correctly
Blinq.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes After pasting click address field and Blinq will give you suggestions or just click continue and it should be filled fine.
Bonton 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
Bonvera 100% Support (10/11/2019) No Guest Checkout Yes Bonvera has no secondary shipping line so keep this in mind. Make sure they both end up in the primary address field
Boscovs 0% Support No No The site purposely blocks us
BostonStore.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
Boxed.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Members only site Yes
BrandsMartUSA.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
Brookstone 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes Brookstone is not available while they rebuild
BurlingtonCoatFactory.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
BuyBuyBaby 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
BuyInCoins.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
Cabelas.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
Carsons.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes
Checkout with Paypal 100% Support (10/13/2019) N/A N/A Anysite where you can checkout with PayPal where address is entered in Paypal should be 100% flawlessly supported.
Use keyboard shortcut to paste if you can’t see Dropshipnpaste button
ChristianBook.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
CompandSave.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
Costco 100% Support (10/11/2019) No Guest Checkout Yes
Costway Program yourself using pop-up Yes Yes Click here to learn how to program your own sites
CPOoutlets.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes Double Check State, sometimes CpoOutlets resets it even after it is injected
Cymax.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
DealGenius.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
DHGate.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
Diapers.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) No Guest Checkout Yes The site does not exist anymore
DollarGeneral.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
Dx.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes select city if DX resets it
eBay Checkout 100% Support (10/11/2019) No Guest Checkout Yes
Etsy.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes Works flawlessly
FatBrainToys.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
Fedex.com Bugged atm (10/11/2019) No Guest Shipments No We are trying to get a fix for this.
Fleetfarm.com (Mills Fleet Farm) 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
Frys.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
Fun.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
Gearbest.com 50% State/City not working (10/11/2019) No Guest Checkout Yes Working on fix
GearXS.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes Now DealGenius.com
Grainger.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes
Grizzly.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) No Guest Checkout Yes
Groupon.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) No Guest Checkout Yes
Harbor Freight Program yourself using popup Yes Yes Click here to learn how to program your own sites
HayNeedle.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
HSN.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
Home Depot 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes Click DropshipNPaste button a 2nd time after city and state are populated to insert phone.
iHerb.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) No Guest Checkout Yes
JCPenney 100% (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
Jet.com 100% (10/13/2019) Yes Yes City and State will not appear, just click ‘Save & Continue’ and it will fill in automatically for you by Jet
Kohls 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
Kotulas.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
Kmart 100% Support Yes Yes Temporarily down as Kmart changed address form. Fix will be updated within a few days 10-11-19
LandMSupply 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
Lego.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes Make sure to click the “Can’t see your address?” link then paste
Light In The Box 100% Support (10/13/2019) No Guest Checkout Yes
LittleTikes LittleTikes no longer sells on their website Yes Yes Let us know if this changes
Lowes 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
Macys 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
Mattel.com (Fisher Price) Does not appear that you can shop on mattel.com anymore no no If Mattel starts selling on their website again let us know
MediChest 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
Munchkin 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
Newegg 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
Nordstrom 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes Click in the address box that says “Quickly find your address” then click out of the popup and click the DropshipNPaste button to paste entire address correctly. This is nordstroms bug not ours.
NorthernTool.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
OfficeDepot.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes No Phone box – else flawless
OfficeSupply.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
OpticsPlanet.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
OrientalTrading.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes City and State may not appear but just click continue button and they will show up fine.
Overstock 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
Paypal Shipping (Paypal.com/shipnow) 100% Support (10/13/2019) No Guest Shipments Yes (Need paypal account)
Petco 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
PharmaPacks 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
Pier1 Imports 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
PureFormulas.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
Quill.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Guest Checkout should work too Yes
QVC 100% Support (10/11/2019) No Guest Checkout Yes
Rural King 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
Sammy Dress 100% Support (10/11/2019) No Guest Checkout Yes
SamsClub 98% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes State doesn’t work – fix coming soon!
Sears 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes Sears temp down – fix coming in a few days
Sheplers 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes Choose Country then paste for state to fill in
Shoes.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
SierraTradingPost.com (Sierra.com) 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Not tested let us know
Staples.com Program it yourself using pop-up Yes Yes Click here for instructions
StoreSupply.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
SupplyHouse.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes Hit enter in Zip field to autofill city and state after pasting
SwansonVitamins.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
Target 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
TechToolSupply.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
TigerChef.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
ThriftBooks.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
TMart.com 100% Support Yes Yes
ToolBarn.Com Program using popup Yes Yes Click here for instructions
ToyNK.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes
ToySplash.com Program using popup Yes Yes Click here for instructions
ToysRus.com ToysRus no longer sells online Redirects to Target.com
Tractorsupply.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
UPS.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) No Guest Shipments Yes Goto Create a shipment and you will be able to automatically fill in shipping address
USPS.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) No Guest Shipments Yes
Vitacost 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
VitaminShoppe.com 100% Support (10/11/2019)
VMInnovations.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
Walgreens.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
Walmart 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
Wayfair 95% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes State doesn’t paste – Will fix with next update
WDrake.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes Click DropshipNPaste button twice to get state to fill
Webstaurantstore.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
Wish.com 95% Support (10/11/2019) No guest checkout known Yes State doesn’t work. Will fix shortly
WorldMarket.com 100% Support Yes Yes
YoYo.com 100% Support Yes Yes Site is gone
Zoro.com 100% Support (10/11/2019) Yes Yes
Zukit.com 100% Support (10/13/2019) Yes Yes

Note we have not added support for pasting buyer emails because you don’t want to have any order information emailed to a dropship buyer, it is very confusing and bad practice. We offer support for a phone on most of our suppliers as an option in case the shipping carrier has an issue but in most cases, we suggest you use your own phone number as well. Just good practice!

BUGS!!!!! – Please submit a bug report for any bugs you find.

Copy Support

Copy Source Support Notes
Anywhere* Partial native support You can copy from anywhere if the address is in a line format similar to:
Recipient Name
838 Apple Ave
Wicklecott, CT 45678
Amazon SellerCentral 100% Fully Support with Injected Copy Button Simply go to a order in SellerCentral in Chrome and you will see a copy button next to the shipping address. You are golden!
We also added copy buttons to Seller Central main orders page and notes to main orders page.
Appath Order Management 100% Fully Support with Injected Copy Button Simply go to a order in Appath in Chrome and you will see a copy button next to the shipping address. You are golden!
eBay Orders 100% Fully Supported with Injected Copy Button Simply go to a sales record in eBay and click the “Copy Address” button and you are all set! “Print Shipping Label” page also has a working Copy Button
EcomDash 100% Fully Supported with Injected Copy Buttons Copy buttons placed on sales order, shipping orders and unshipped orders page. Copy button will appear on right of screen.
InkFrog Orders 100% Fully supported with Injected Copy Button Goto a order in Inkfrog Open (we don’t have a classic account to test.) Simply click copy button. If you have a Classic account let us know if it works there. If not shoot us a email and we will try and implement it for you.
OrderHive 100% Supported with Injected Copy Button We don’t use Orderhive and have not been able to do any significant testing. It worked in test orders however is not thoroughly tested. Any feedback is appreciated!
Ordoro Orders 99% Supported no copy button If you copy the address in the ‘ship-to’ field including the phone number and US it should work flawlessly.  No copy button – write us if you need this functionality or Ordoro is not working for you
PriceYak 100% Supported with Injected Copy Button Should work perfectly. Just go to a order and Copy Button will be located under shipping address. If you process more than 38 orders a month it’ll be cheaper for you to use our tool to copy/paste address than to have PriceYak autoorder it.
Shopify 100% Supported with Injected Copy Button Please let us know if you have any questions. Copy button on order page.
SkuLabs 100% Supported no copy button Go to a order and copy the whole shipping address including US and Phone Number and it should work fine. If you want to use your own phone number override it in the extension settings.
Veeqo 100% Fully Supported with Injected Copy Button Copy button will appear to left of address when pulling up a order, under the customer details section. Should be flawless
WooCommerce 100% Fully Supported with Injected Copy Button You can select address as a block of text and copy or use Copy Button in lower left hand corner of Order details section on the order page.
If you don’t see a Copy Address button shoot us a email with the url to your WooCommerce wordpress installation.

Custom support – we are more than happy to add custom support for your private software or order management software. Write us an email and let us know what support you need and we will try and add it for you.

**Note these should work flawlessly however we make no guarantees nor do we take any responsibility for use of our tool whatsoever. You take full responsibility for any errors made.