Do you support both Amazon and eBay sellers?

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Yes, we support copying from both Amazon SellerCentral and Ebay Orders as well as a number of Order Management software. Check out our list of supported suppliers and order management software here  – if you use another Order Management tool let us know and we can try and add it for you.  

There will be copy buttons that will appear at the eBay sales order page (NOTE: due to new eBay update just use the ‘Copy full address to clipboard’ link eBay provides and then you can paste into a supplier using our tool) and Amazon Seller Central order page after you install our extension. This button will allow you to copy an address in one click without selecting it. In most cases you can also select and copy the address by hand as well but why would you want to do that?

Here is an example of the copy button on Amazon Seller Central. Notice it is grey.

Now when you click the button it turns green to let you know that it has been copied.

Wherever you see this copy button you know that we purposely programmed that site to work for you. But you can copy any address that is in the following format just by selection and copying and DropshipNPaste will parse it for you. Go ahead give it a try:

John Doe
459 Elmshaven Ave
Willowbrook, CT 10893

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