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If you use a supplier that is not currently on our supported list, you can now program it yourself in Dropship N Paste 2.0

To do this go to your supplier and follow the checkout process until you get to the page to add a shipping address. Once there right click on the page or extension and click popup mode


Either method will change the extension into program mode. Once done, click the extension button in the menu of Chrome (or Firefox) and it will now popup similar to the following. If it does not appear to reload the page and then click the button. Sometimes the page will timeout if it sits too long.

Now simply click and hold and drag any part of the address in popup menu into the correct form field in the supplier address form. Complete the full address so Dropship N Paste knows every form field then the next time you come to this supplier it should automatically paste. If it does not please let us know and we will look into it.


If you run into any problems with any suppliers or order management services just let us know and we will try and fix them for you. 

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