Why aren’t Amazon orders copying phone number?

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Amazon recently updated their buyer privacy policy and in doing so they are now masking all customer phone numbers so the phone number displayed on an order might be 763-225-9463, 412-532-4665 or 415-419-8616 followed by an ext. Obviously very few if any of your suppliers allow an ext so the carrier will be unable to call this number if you just enter the number. So we have decided to create a solution to fix this issue. 

Go to Dropship N Paste Options page and scroll down to ‘Phone Number’ and click the Enable button to the right, this will enable the field so you can enter an over-ride value. 

Then you can optionally check the box ‘Only use my number if DropShipNPaste can’t parse copied phone number or if phone number is unavailable’ – this checkbox means that only in the following situations will Dropship N Paste use your phone: 
#1. Amazon Seller Central ext phone numbers
#2. Your copied address doesn’t contain a phone number
#3. Phone number cannot be parsed .i.e. not a real phone

In all other cases (if this checkbox is checked) Dropship N Paste will use the copied phone number not yours. If you WANT Dropship N Paste to ALWAYS use your phone number then do not check this box but make sure your phone is entered in the phone number box on options page. 

If you have any other questions please contact us using the box on the right bottom of screen.


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