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We have changed how Dropship N Paste works, it use to only work if you were logged into a specific Google account but that was really frustrating for users who had multiple Google accounts but wanted to be able to use Dropship N Paste from any computer. Now you can download the extension on any Google account and use it on any device, however you may only use it on one device at a time (if you purchase a plan with 3 users you can use it on 3 devices simultaneously or 3 different users could use it.)

Right click on the extension button, click Options and then click the log out button to log out so you can log in on a different device.  We made this change to give users more freedom in how they use their account. We are open to feedback on how we can improve. Feel free to give us a shout anytime. 

Help! I am traveling and can’t log out of my instance on my home computer!

Drop us a line with the email your account is setup with and we will reset the instances so you can log back in.  If we are online we are happy to do it for you right away. Contact us using the little green icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen. 

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