Why do I need it?

This tool was designed with dropshippers in mind although it does support USPS, Paypal Shipping, UPS and Fedex as well. So what does it do? dropshipNPaste allows you to copy a complete shipping address as one block text and with one click paste it into the correct fields on your suppliers checkout page or at your carriers label page. No more copying and pasting each part of the address separately, going to the checkout tab, pasting then going back and forth. Instead you can save time by semi-automating the process.

Check out our Features page to see all the supported suppliers, there are a ton!

How much time does this really save?
It saves a immense amount of time. Normally you would have to copy the first name, last name, primary address, city, state, zip and phone number.  That is 7 times copying, 7 times pasting and 14 times going between tabs/windows to copy and paste. If you are like me you have two monitors and you use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste and move between tabs but even at that level of efficiency it still takes extra time -time that is being wasted! Think about it, you can copy once, paste once and finish your checkout without going back and forth 14 times. You also don’t even have to select the address (for any site supported with our inject copy buttons). A efficient person can order at Walmart in about 60 seconds, that is somebody using keyboard shortcuts and very good at their job. Let’s say that we could cut that in half (which is what we were able to do) – if you are paying this person $8 an hr to do orders, you now increased their performance by double. That means you can have them do twice as many orders in the same amount of time which means you make more money because you can sell more.

Let’s say you receive 50 orders a day on eBay or Amazon that you dropship. 50 orders X 30 seconds saved is 25 minutes a day. 25 minutes a day X 30 days is 750 minutes saved a month. That is the equivalent of saving $125 a month.  By increasing performance in ordering you can create free time to research and add more products and create room to grow. The benefits of using this service are amazing! We have been using this tool for our own dropship businesses and it has saved us so much money and time that we were able to branch out and add more suppliers and products. We now want to offer you the chance to also increase your performance.

So go ahead and check out our Features page and start saving time and money today!